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Our highly qualified therapist provides a range of massage services to suit your needs. Scroll down for a full list of treatments and pricing. 


With a range of benefits from massage, here are some of the areas we can help you with: 

  • Injury | Pain management

  • Headaches & Neck Pain

  • Upper and Lower back pain

  • Chronic conditions – Fibromyalgia, MS, frozen shoulder, RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome to name a few

  • Stress | Anxiety

  • Relaxation and clearing of your mind

​Hot Stones Massage​​​
60 min - $105 | 90 min - $145

Hot stone Massage utilises Basalt lava stones pre-heated to a therapeutic temperature to provide a soothing, relaxing treatment.

The unique shape of each heated stone enables your therapist to get deeper into muscular knots while also providing soothing long massage strokes to alleviate stress & increase circulation. The heat of the stone allows a deeper massage to specific points around the body letting the heat penetrate deep into the muscles, alleviating discomfort in the area.

​Deep Tissue Massage​​​
30 min - $55 | 60 min - $95 | 90 min - $135

Based on the art of Remedial Massage, this is a deeper treatment specifically designed to unknot stubborn muscle tension.


Combined with stretching, the massage pressure can be adapted to the clients specific needs and levels of comfort to ensure an effective massage session.

Remedial Massage
​​30 min - $55 | 60 min - $95 | 90 min - $135

This very popular massage provides deeper work to alleviate pain, aid injury rehabilitation or simply relieve muscle tension while relaxing the mind and body.


Utilising techniques such as stretching, trigger point, deep tissue and active/ passive movement, your therapist will ensure you feel more free and mobile through your muscles and joints. 


Pregnancy Massage​​
30 min - $55 | 60 min - $95 | 90 min - $135

Unwind in the nurturing hands of pregnancy massage specialist Chontelle. With a deep understanding of the stages of pregnancy and the impact on your body, this massage pampers and relaxes your body, whilst alleviating back and muscular tension. 


Common problems such as sciatica, pelvic and joint pain, lower back pain and general discomfort are alleviated with this soothing treatment, enabling you to enjoy your pregnancy.


Pregnancy massage table available so you can relax on your tummy right up until your due date.


​Sports Massage
30 min - $55 | 60 min - $95 | 90 min - $135

Regular Sports massage is appropriate for all levels of fitness & training, as your body adapts to the new loads placed on the muscles and joints. 


With over 20 years experience in Sports and with a degree-qualification in Biomechanics and Human Movement your therapist can help ensure you stay injury-free, existing injuries are managed and help increase your range-of-movement, so that you can enjoy your sporting activities.

​Relaxation Massage​​
30 min - $55 | 60 min - $95 | 90 min - $135

A rejuvenating, relaxing massage to calm the mind, ease muscle tension and stimulate your circulatory systems.


Using flowing massage strokes and soothing movement, your mind and body will float away with this truly rejuvenating treatment.

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