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Remedial + Sports Massage for everyday fitness

The weather is warming up and many of us have started enjoying the earlier sunshine with a walk or jog in the Great Outdoors. With such a beautiful vista in our surrounding countryside there’s no better time to get that fitness regime moving.

So whether you’re training for an event (Running season is upon us) or simply increasing your fitness it’s important to continue to look after your muscles with regular Sports or Remedial Massage.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to take care of your body with sports massage when preparing for a sports event. Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth fun run, half-marathon, triathlon or full marathon, training for your event definitely takes its toll on your body.

As you increase your training load muscles undergo adaptation to become stronger and able to support the increased activity. Bones also experience adaptation to be able to support the increased training load.

Common injuries can include stress fractures, muscular tears and insertion points, as well as constriction which can result in limited joint and muscle range-of-movement. If not taken care of, these injuries can result in long-term damage or scar tissue and the last thing you want when preparing for an event is to not be able to get to the finish line!

During your training season the frequency of remedial and sports massage is dependant on your training program, training level, previous injuries and your biomechanics. We are all unique so what works for one person, may not work for the next person.

As well as maintaining your body for running, regular remedial and Sports massage will also help:

  • increase oxygen supply to the muscles

  • increase joint range-of-movement to optimise your training program

  • relax your nervous system

  • increase muscle spindle flexibility

  • aid muscle recovery after a big training session

Sports massage pre-event is aimed at working with your neuro-muscular system to help muscles adapt to these changes. Through techniques such as PNF (Proprio Neuromuscular Facilitaion), remedial stretching and trigger point, Sports massage will keep the muscles flexible and reduce the chance of injury, plus decrease scar tissue.

Post-event (within 1 – 3 days after your race) it’s important to help the body flush the lactic acid build up from the race, as well as reduce muscle tension and stiffness. The style of massage used post -event is aimed at helping flush through your lympatic system as well as continue to stretch your muscles to get you back to your training much quicker.

Book your pre and post event massage now at our Corlette Massage clinic by calling 0406 039 877.

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