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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Overcome the hurdles to enjoying a healthy lifestyle, with a nutritional and wellness plan to suit your individual needs. Focusing on what is stopping you from achieving your goals, we develop a plan that is sustainable and enjoyable.


Nutritional and Wellness Coaching will help you discover and create vitality at all stages in life. Our individual needs change as we go through different life experiences. Learn how to simply adapt your lifestyle and routine to ensure pure wellbeing today, every day.


Here are some of the areas we can help you with: 

  • Creating a lifestyle and nutritional plan for weight management and health

  • A healthy, safe approach to cleansing

  • Prenatal nutrition - individual & group sessions

  • Postnatal nutrition - individual & group sessions

  • General wellbeing  - personal, group and corporate sessions

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My Wellbeing Coach
Initial session - $90 | Follow up session $80

Restore and maintain vitality in your daily life. Looking at all aspects of wellbeing, these sessions will help identify goals, gaps and barriers, then make a plan to get you to the health you deserve.

Prenatal Nutrition
First session $90 | Follow up session $80

Maintain health and vitality during pregnancy with Nutritional and Wellness Coaching.


Stay energised, manage cravings, boost immunity and give your growing baby all the nutrients they need.

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Postnatal nutrition
First session $90 | Follow up session $80

After having a baby your body will need to heal, as well as continue to produce nutrients to sustain you during sleep-deprivation and the emotional whirlwind of parenting.

Maintain vitality with a wellness plan that meets your unique routine and requirements.


Prenatal Group Coaching
90 min - $200 | 120 min - $295

Grab a group of friends and discover how to maintain health and vitality throughout your pregnancy. These group sessions are fun, informative and are tailored to your individual needs.

Minimum group size is 4 people 

Wellbeing groups
90 min - $200 | 120 min - $295

These group sessions are designed to provide valuable and realistic wellbeing tools for surviving the daily grind with a spring in your step. 

From shift work to family life, learn how to manage your individual needs.

Minimum group size is 4 people


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