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A word from our clients


I suffered from severe migraines, but since my regular massage treatments with Chontelle I have not had 1 migraine. My friends and family say I’m a different person and I’m so much happier!” Soheila


“Pure Wellbeing has literally saved my performing career. Expert, friendly therapists and such a super handy location to the Conservatorium of Music – couldn’t recommend it higher to every musician.”

Rob W, Sydney Symphony Violinist and Coservatorium Tutor


“my boyfriend was SUPER happy with his massage yesterday (him: ‘best massage i’ve ever had’ , me: ‘that’s why i go there’)– and his mum commented on how relaxed he seemed afterwards too so I thought I’d pass it on..” Emma B, Bondi


“I have been an insulin-dependant diabetic for over 15 years. Like most diabetics, I struggle to maintain control of my Blood Sugar Levels.  Monitoring dietary requirements, undertaking an appropriate exercise program and lowering stress levels are required to reduce the chances of being afflicted by the side effects of the disease.

I have found remedial massage to be an essential component in the control of my Diabetes.  Not only does it lower stress levels, it is also essential in healing any minor injuries incurred when exercising.  In addition, the increase in blood flow to, especially, the feet is very beneficial, because amputation is a long-term threat.

Chontelle Stevens is a highly qualified and very effective massage therapist.  I have been treated by her for a year, during which time she has consistently demonstrated high levels of knowledge, professionalism, integrity and care for her clients. This has been reflected in outstanding health outcomes.

I recommend Ms Stevens and her team in the use of remedial massage as an effective tool  in helping to manage Diabetes and its side effects.”


Bruce C, Orange


“I have always been very fussy about my massages, & have been disappointed many times with people purporting to give “deep tissue” & “strong” massages, often laying there thinking “no, over there a bit” or having to tell them what to do – not my idea of a massage. Prior to visiting Pure Wellbeing, the best massage I’ve had was from a blind guy in Thailand, which has always been my benchmark for a good massage – a hard one to live up to, I fully admit. However, I can hand  on heart say that Pure Wellbeing more than met my benchmark – and that is very high praise indeed! My therapist was exceptional. She intuitively knew which muscle to get into & how to get into it, & made sure she sorted the problem before moving on to the next area. Pure Wellbeing,  you have very gifted therapists!”

Simon S, Orange

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