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5 reasons why Orange Remedial Massage will help with that pain niggle

We all experience a niggle from time to time whether it’s a twinge in your shoulder, a ‘clicky wrist’ or a nagging pain in your back. Our first reaction most of the time is ‘it’s fine it will go away’ and in most cases it does. But if that niggle persists then it is probably time to do something about it.

A highly efficient warning system

We may not like it, but pain is necessary for us to function. Pain acts as a warning system to protect something else, eg pain from heat warns us to remove our body from heat to prevent further damage. Pain is our early warning system to avoid further damage.

The effectiveness of massage lies in a simple and direct strategy: working from the external, outer mechanisms of pain to the primary, root cause. Remedial Massage therapists utilize a holistic approach, focusing on the entire body system and its relationship to soft tissue. Care isn’t focused only on the site of pain.

As well as a relaxation tool, Remedial Massage is highly effective in managing pain, both mechanically and biochemically, in the body. A growing body of research shows massage therapy can be an effective part of pain relief and management.

  1. According to research, remedial massage is effective for providing long-lasting relief for patients suffering from chronic low back pain.

  2. Massage can enhance the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn will release serotonin and other ‘relaxing’ body chemicals.

  3. Published data indicates that massage is much more effective in the treatment of chronic tension headaches by using muscle-specific techniques.

  4. By promoting muscle release, massage is a highly effective treatment in overall chronic muscle tension, preventing injury and optimizing training effectiveness.

  5. Another benefit of Sydney Remedial massage therapy from a client perspective is how it helps you become more aware of your body and better familiarize you with the pain you experience. Your Sydney Remedial Massage therapist not only helps relieve muscle and other soft tissue pain, but also provides other benefits from various other forms of massage that focus on lymph drainage and muscle pain, as well as other pain management therapies.

The fact that some hospitals are also including massage therapists in patient care teams to fight pain is a positive step forward in chronic pain management.

To book an Orange Remedial Massage call 0406 039 877.

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