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2016, the year of you

We all dream of living the life we want, filled with purpose and happy days. What many don't realise is that this can be within your grasp and the you can enjoy every day filled with peace and happiness.

We tend to distract ourselves with everyday issues and live in the land of 'one day when I have.. I will be happy', but everything we need to be happy is right now.


Give yourself permission to be happy and to do the things you want to do. We create our own set of rules to live by, based on previous experience and the world around us. We often tell ourselves 'no' before 'yes'. So start saying 'yes' to yourself and live the life you want. Whether it's getting that regular massage that you enjoy or making sure you get to your favourite yoga class, today is 'yes' day.

Be grateful

This term is often bandied around but it is so important to ensuring happiness. Our household has started a gratitude jar and we were amazed at how much we already have that we thought we needed. The simple things like food, a roof over our head and a comfy bed to sleep in really do make a difference.


Acknowledge the areas of your life that you would like to change and devise a step-by-step plan to make this achieveable. No task is too big when broken down into small chunks.


Let your instinct and inner voice guide you. Your instinct will never leave you astray once you've learnt to really listen to it and trust it.

Remember - slow and steady wins the race and it helps to take a positive step forward every day to live the life you want, now.


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