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Top 10 things to look for in your massage therapist (and that gift voucher purchase)

You spend a long time finding the right therapist only for them to move or have a break. It can be frustrating going through the trial and error of finding a new therapist so here are a few tips on questions to ask before and at your appointment (quite often you can find information from their website as well):

  1. Are they Health Fund accredited? This is an important point for many people as claiming a rebate helps cover the cost of the treatment. Also check they can issue you with a Health Fund receipt on the day of your massage appointment.

  2. What is their background or experience in relation to your specific need? Eg sports injury, pregnancy or helping relaxation.

  3. Do they ask questions about your health background and injuries? This is important to get an understanding of why your muscles behave the way they do and what is causing your niggles

  4. Do they ask you if you’re on medication? Different medications may heighten your sensitivity to touch or may increase your circulation (eg Warfarin) so it’s important theyunderstand how your medication affects your body

  5. Do they ask you what pressure you would prefer? There is no right and wrong, it is an individual choice

  6. Do they explain how they will proceed with the treatment – what muscles they are treating and in which order? You may have a specific area you don’t want treated so this is a great time to mention it.

  7. Do they ask you if you would like conversation? Not all clients want to have a social chat so it’s important that your therapist understands when you just want to zone out.

  8. Do they check in with you on your preferred massage pressure? Different parts of the body have different sensitivities, eg calves may not want as much pressure as shoulders

  9. Do they ask if you want a head massage? As delicious as they are, not all clients enjoy a head massage and if you have recently had your hair styled you may not relax during this treatment

  10. Do they check in at the end of the session to see how you are feeling and offer you water? You may feel that your neck needs a few extra minutes so this is a great time to ask

Another sign of a great therapist is if they offer stretches to help you maintain your muscle relaxation between massages. Often muscle tension is caused by daily stress and muscle strain so regular stretching can prevent tension buildup.

Before you buy that gift voucher for a loved one, it's worth running through this list to make sure you are getting the best therapist in town.

And remember, massage can be an integral part of your wellness routine so once you find a great therapist spread the word!

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